On R20 23-Oct-2018

My plugins require adoption of API changes introduced in R16, in addition to recompilation. I'm sorry to write that I have not made efforts yet to deal with R20 compatibility.

It is simply that I have much less time now than I had when I made these plugins. And, there are also other things which I want to give higher priority. Moreover, my plugins will remain closed source.

It is not out of question that development will continue for at least some of the plugins. But do not expect it any time soon.

Transform Tool Fix 19-Nov-2016

Transform Tool should be working again. I broke it in the last update.

Plugins Update 13-Oct-2016

In brief, UvToObject now syncs selections, the starfield shader got anti-alias filtering implemented, and ThingsOnSurface got a random rotation setting. See Changelog.

I had to change some things breaking backward compatibility for these shaders. Therefore old scenes will need some adjustment.

Starfield shader suffers from discontinuities at the borders of the texture area. Eventually, I will try a remedy by calculating the shader output from 3D ray directions without going to texture space.