Plugins Update 13-Oct-2016

In brief, UvToObject now syncs selections, the starfield shader got anti-alias filtering implemented, and ThingsOnSurface got a random rotation setting. See Changelog.

I had to change some things breaking backward compatibility for these shaders. Therefore old scenes will need some adjustment.

Starfield shader suffers from discontinuities at the borders of the texture area. Eventually, I will try a remedy by calculating the shader output from 3D ray directions without going to texture space.

R17 Compatibility Patch 18-Sep-2015
A little compatibility update is available now. Some spline gui settings were removed from resource strings since R17 didn't like them for whatever reason.
UvtoObject Update 20-Feb-2015
  • Added sort of a documentation. It can be found in the UvToObject folder. The UvtoObject command dialog also got a help button which will open it in the default browser.
  • Moved much of the dialog functionality into a tag on the UvToObject object group.
  • This tag also allows to add more objects easily.
  • Added a new command which scales UV islands so that they have equal texel density afterwards. Works with multi selection (and UvToObject objects).
If it does not load correctly, which will happen when you used the previous version, you have to navigate to your preferences directory on your storage device and delete the files directorycache and symbolcache. For example, the path on windows is something like C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\MAXON\cinema4drXX_something\prefs. Easiest way to find this is by going to the preferences dialog in cinema where it is displayed at the bottom. Sorry about that but Cinema does not like it when a python file (in which most of the gui stuff is now written) appears next to a c++ plugin.